The C19 Business Recovery Assistance Fund

Help Small Businesses and Community Service Organizations Get Through the Shut Down


Up to 40% of small businesses go out of business within 18 months after a disaster. Already we are seeing lay-offs and furloughs as daycare centers, shopping malls, health clinics, and community gathering places struggle to stay afloat. The Community Recovery and Business Resilience Fund is designed to give communities and small businesses a shot in the arm, and encourage them to get through the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Your contribution will help:

  • Reduce lay-offs and furloughs.
  • Help pay urgent bills.
  • Keep small nonprofits and businesses from closing their doors permanently.

Inspired by the example of Nancy Ploeger and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce after 9/11, when she literally went down to the area around the Twin Towers and handed out small checks to help small businesses emerge from the rubble, the Community Recovery and Business Resilience Fund is about people helping people get through a tough time and come out the other side.

We have gotten through tough times together in the past, and we will get through this challenge too. Support small businesses, support local communities, support the Community Recovery and Business Resilience Fund.